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Educational Programs

ODFC "Education First" Initiative

ODFC is proud roll-out a series of educational programs and courses as part of the “Education First” club initiative.

Together with our educational partners Stone Springs Hospital and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) we will be promoting programs and events geared to parents, players and coaches.   

The “Education First” initiative is intended to put the focus back on what a youth club should be; the education and development of players and coaches.

The “Education First” programs and events will follow two tracks; the first is geared towards our players and parents. These events will focus on athlete “wellness” including; nutrition, injury prevention and rehabilitation, to name just a few topics. Our friends at Stone Springs Hospital will be providing our presenters. 

The second track is for all our coaches. The coaching courses offered through the NSCAA will ensure that our club teachers focus their instruction on player development and growth. Regardless of their background, all our coaches will be required to attend these courses and share information obtained with all our parents. The topics will range from sports psychology to "methods of teaching" and are all geared to developing talented, healthy and happy athletes. 

We also will be providing opportunities to all our players to further their education throughout the year with specialized training and courses.

All our updated Educational Programs are listed on the left-hand side of this page. If you need more information or wish to suggest a program topic to be considered, please contact Andy Vera at