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ODFC Cesena FC USA Academy 2023-24

ODFC Fall 2023 Academy Registration NOW OPEN!

ODFC Cesena FC USA Academy 2009-15 (Boys/Girls)

The Cesena FC USA Academy is based on a player and “game-centric” approach that allows for long-term development to occur. It has been created utilizing very successful international models to enhance individual player skills which will have a direct impact on ODFC team development and success.

Players are selected from our Soccer School Programs including; the Rising Talent Program (RTP) and the Future Stars Program twice per year (summer/winter). Tryouts are announced during the fall and spring seasons by our professional staff and Club Directors.

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Program Objective: to ensure that each of our pyramid steps are connected, giving players an opportunity to develop and advance with a clear pathway to “travel soccer”, high-school, collegiate, semi-pro (WPSL/NPSL) and/or professional soccer.

Implementing a “player-centric” as opposed to a “team-centric” or “coach-centric” model, ODFC will focus its attention on player development and put less emphasis on team success. The model relies on connecting our teams together with a proven training methodology and a common curriculum all while encouraging player movement and training opportunities within the club.

ODFC will continue to stress individual creativity and free play over regimented team structure and team results. ODFC has always strived build our player’s self- esteem and creative abilities along with accelerating the development process.


The ODFC Integral Training Method (ITM) is designed to reduce risk of injury, increase speed, agility, work capacity, strength, and overall performance. Our focus is to gain transferability from the training facility to the field of play. Player health and mental well-being is a vital component in sport specific training, and our program is designed to work on both the mind and body.

  • Improve creativity and confidence
  • Improve “first” touch & passing techniques
  • Improve finishing and striking techniques
  • Create awareness and game intuition through realistic game-type scenarios
  • Vision and ability to play with head off the ground
  • Safe and enjoyable competitive environments
  • Guided discovery with the ball
  • Small-sided games will evolve from 4 vs. 4 to 7 vs. 7 to slowly introduce more players on the pitch
  • Professional training with a proven curriculum and world-renown methodology 

ODFC Academy Registration NOW OPEN!

Registration for the ODFC Academy has opened for selected players. For "new" players interested in our Academy Program please contact us at   

Register Here!